Why Eye Exercises Really DO Improve Eyesight

Do Eye Exercises Improve Eyesight? You're About To Find Out…

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My first experience with eye exercises to improve eyesight actually came by accident. It happened way before I had ever heard of natural vision improvement. It all started with a stress fracture in my leg…

At the fall of 2002 I was severely overweight and fed-up with my situation. For some obscure reason that I can't recall, I suddenly decided I would start exercising every day rather than just the usual three days per week.

For some 3-4 years I had been jogging in the park for 30 minutes, 3 days per week. Now I had decided to ramp things up to one hour every day – 7 days per week, I was serious about losing weight, I had to make it happen.

Everything was going well at first, I felt great – I could already feel all that extra fat loosening up, getting ready to leave my body for good. On the 6th morning however, I woke up and found that I could barely walk. My left leg was in severe pain – every step would cause a deep pain radiating throughout my entire left shin.

I decided to go to the doctors, who confirmed that I had suffered a stress-fracture from running too much. He gave me a set of crutches and advised me to take it easy for a few months.

It was a while before I could walk again without any pain. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was around 3 months. Needless to say I was as fat as ever, and still eager to lose the excess baggage, but I was afraid to go jogging again. I still had to lose the weight, so I found another way to exercise.

That's When I Took Up Cycling, And Everything Started To Change…

I started to cycle for 4 days per week, 30 minutes at a time, and walk for one hour, once per week. After 4 weeks of being on this schedule, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my eyesight – without having done any specific eye exercises to improve eyesight (remember, I didn't even know about natural vision improvement at the time).

Eye Exercises Improve Eyesight

Cycling caused my vision to improve. The reason behind this is more directly related to the eyes than you may think…

I was wearing glasses at the time, my right eye was notably worse than my left, and up and till the point where I started cycling, my vision was deteriorating. Even with my glasses I could barely make out the words on my laptop with my right eye. I knew that I would have to make an appointment with my optician soon for a stronger prescription, but thankfully I managed to avoid this completely.

So What Is It About Cycling And Walking That Improved My Eyesight?

Could it be that my eyesight improved because I was getting more exercise through cycling than I was through jogging?

I very much doubt it. Jogging used to get me huffing and puffing and very much out of breath throughout the entire workout. I find cycling to be too relaxing, and for some reason I'm never able to consistently exert myself the way I used to do with jogging.

Also, I was losing more weight doing 3 days of jogging per week, than when I was doing 4 days of cycling and one day of walking… I was definitely getting more exercise while I was jogging, yet my eyesight improved only when I took up cycling and walking.

So Here's What Caused My Eyesight To Improve Naturally & All By Itself…

It wasn't that I was cycling/walking VS jogging, but rather what my eyes were doing during the exercises.

"Without knowing, I was doing eye exercises to improve eyesight  while cycling and walking, but NOT while jogging."

I jog in the park on the grass, not on the concrete. There's too much impact on your joints while jogging/running on concrete, and I hear that it gives you arthritis after some time, so I prefer to jog on grass. The trouble with jogging on grass however, is, due to my local area being such a dog-friendly neighborhood, if you don't look where you're going you're likely to step on something unsavory.

So while jogging, my eyes would be focused on the floor right in front of me throughout the entire session, jumping over those discolored mounds of pure smell, and the occasional twig or duck.

When I took up cycling however, I'd be on the roads and my eyes would be focused away in the distance most of the time, and quite frequently changing to near-vision when I'm looking at the traffic lights, the occasional crossing pedestrian or the far-too-common car pulling out from the side without looking. The same happened while walking.

So Here's The Take-Home Message Of My Story…

My eyesight improved when I was actually using my eyes properly outdoors – looking at distant objects and frequently changing my focus to nearby objects and back again to distant objects. This is a natural, real-world simulation of eye exercises that improve eyesight, and is key to good eye health.

Jogging didn't help me because I was only using my eyes to look at the floor in front of me – I wasn't even looking as far as my TV at home, and not much further than the laptop on my desk.

Part of the reason more and more people are needing glasses these days is because most of us are spending too much time indoors, where your eyes only get to focus on nearby objects. Spending more time outdoors will naturally give your eyes some much-needed exercise, which is known to improve eyesight.

But the main take-home message from this story is not to increase your out-door time.

The main message is that eye exercises do improve eyesight – they actually work! Yes, by moving your eyes around, changing your focus from near to distance objects and vice versa, and relaxing and taking the strain off your eye muscles, you too can improve your eyesight to the point where you no longer need glasses.

Don't be fooled by your optician telling you that your eye condition is irreversible. Opticians and eye doctors are part of a very rigid system that doesn't accept good theory combined with anecdotal evidence, no matter how many people report something as being true.

When I figured that my eyesight can improve without glasses, I went out there and learned what I could about natural vision improvement. I applied a number of different visual therapy techniques, and the results blew me away.

I managed to get by with weaker and weaker lenses in my eyeglasses, and now I walk around totally free, with no eyeglasses needed whatsoever. I'm allowed and able to drive, cross the road and take my niece to the park without having to worry about glasses, contacts, or stepping on the digested meal of a dog, and all thanks to doing eye exercises to improve eyesight.

To learn how you can put it all together in an efficient, streamlined system that can improve your eyesight in just a few short weeks, click the link to read my article on how I improved my own eyesight using specialized eye exercises.

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