Try These Simple Natural Vision Improvement Techniques For Crystal-Clear Vision

RE: Natural Vision Improvement. There is no doubt that everyone wants to have perfect 20/20 vision. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed with this kind of eyesight, and as you know a lot of people are already wearing glasses and contacts to make up for their eye deficiencies.

Natural Vision Improvement

Ophthalmologists have always advocated the use of contact lenses and glasses to aid people in achieving better vision, but what really happens is that these tools only provide a temporary fix and they can actually aggravate your vision in the long run!

To illustrate this point, have you noticed how every time you go to your ophthalmologist to have your eyes checked, your grade always seems to go higher? Well, that is the consequence of wearing eyeglasses – your eyesight gets worse over time. However, you can stop this vicious cycle through different natural vision improvement methods.

Natural vision improvement is a concept that was started by a Dr William H Bates back in 1920. It was met with a lot of skepticism from the medical profession at first, but Dr Bates' methods gained a lot of popularity over time, for the simple reason that his methods work!

Over the years his work has been built-upon, improved and taken to new levels by a number of highly successful practitioners including Janet Goodrich (known for the Janet Goodrich Method), Thomas Quackenbush and others who hold personal eyesight training seminars all over the world, helping people to see clearer in all walks of life, ranging from young children to the elderly.

"Whether you've been told you have astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia or presbyopia, you can use natural vision improvement techniques to improve your vision and reduce your reliance on corrective lenses."

Eye Exercises For Natural Vision Improvement

One of the things you can do is to avoid things that can stress your eyes more. Most people tend to develop certain habits that could damage their eyes unknowingly, such as squinting or straining the eyes. These habits should be avoided or halted as much as possible. However, eye strain is pretty much embedded in our daily lives, so the best thing you can do is to employ natural vision improvement exercises in order to counter the strain and relax your eyes.

The ‘dot’ exercise is a very effective visual exercise that you can use to improve your eyesight. Here's what to do.

Grab the nearest book in front of you and find a period or a comma. All you need to do is focus on that tiny dot and try to focus your vision on it. 
After a while of focusing on it, you will notice that it slowly becomes blurry. At this point, you can close your eyes and let them rest for a minute or so.
The next minute that you open your eyes, look at the dot again, but this time without straining or staring at it. Instead, move your eyes slowly around the period or let it hover over the page in general. The principle behind this is to let your eyes move because straining or staring is bad for your eyes’ health. Don’t forget to blink now and then. 
Repeat the process of closing your eyes then opening them and moving them around the dot until you can clearly see the period without straining. When closing your eyes, visualize the dot in your mind. This helps your eyes to relax more and to see the dot more clearly when your eyes are open.

Another variation of this natural vision improvement technique is the 'word' exercise, which basically works under the same principle. However, instead of focusing on a tiny dot on a page, you choose at least a five-letter word and focus on that as a substitute. The important thing to remember here is to avoid the unnecessary stress caused by squinting, staring, or straining by simply letting your eyes move over the page.

Food For The Eyes

Just like the body, the eyes need more than exercise to keep it healthy. You also have to focus on what you eat. A healthy diet that will naturally improve your vision includes lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Fish is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for mental focus and concentration. Vegetables that are good for the eyesight include bean sprouts, spinach celery, cucumber, and carrots. When it comes to dairy products, however, you should limit your intake of pasteurized milk because they can clog the arteries in your body and thus, limit blood circulation in your eyes.

A good balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is key to healthy eyes and perfect vision

As for the foods that you need to avoid, processed foods and deep-fried ones top the list. Not only are they bad for your eyesight; they are also bad for your health in general. Of course, every once in a while you can indulge on them, but make sure that you do not overindulge. Instead, focus on the foods that provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for your overall health. The trick here is to maintain a balanced diet.

Relaxing Your Eyes

Finally, you also have to learn ways on how to relax your eyes. Like your body, relaxation for the eyes is important because it can relieve you of stress and unwanted tension. The best way to relax the eyes is to relax your whole body as well. You will be able to achieve this by relaxing your mind first, which is perhaps the hardest part, but still very much possible once you learn the technique of doing so.

Have you noticed that your eyesight is worse when you are stressed out? Learning to relax is a key component of natural eyesight improvement. Relaxing your mind and body will help to relax the muscles surrounding your eyes, leading to better eyesight.

In order to guide your mind and body into a state of peaceful relaxation, find a comfortable spot or room where you can relax. Ideally, you can do this relaxation exercise just before sleeping.
Lie down on your back and try to empty your thoughts with worries about the past, present, and future. Instead, focus on your breathing.
Imagine your breath going inside your lungs, and circulating all throughout your body – your heart, kidneys, liver, arms, thighs, feet, and finally exhaling through your toes.
Do not force yourself to inhale or exhale; just let it come naturally. This exercise will lull you to sleep, and you will be able to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up. A good night’s sleep can help make your eyes relax as well.

Remember that in order to achieve natural vision improvement, you have to look at the overall picture – from the foods that you eat down to the activities that you do. A healthy lifestyle is what it takes not only to improve your eyesight, but your holistic well-being as well. For more of these techniques, I recommend you read the following post: How To Improve Eyesight Naturally.

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