How Vision Therapy Exercises Work And Why Wearing Glasses Is Not The Only Solution

Vision therapy exercises work. All it takes is a few minutes per day. When you train the eye muscles and develop the correct visual habits, you will find your vision improving in just a few short weeks.

Vision Therapy Exercises
Vision therapy exercises can help you to improve your eyesight so you no longer need to wear glasses.

People generally seem to think that your eyesight is determined only by the shape of the lens in your eye or the shape of the eye itself. But this is a huge misconception.

Although the lens in your eye and the shape of your eye are both important factors in determining how well you can see, these are only two parts in a whole visual process that involves thousands of tiny unconscious eye movements relaying information to the brain.

In the end it is your brain that interprets the image and does the 'seeing' not your eyes.

Have you ever noticed that your vision is better on some days than on others? 

As an example, a lot of people find that their vision gets worse when they are stressed out or tired. 

This is because stress can disrupt the hundreds of tiny movements your eyes make every SPLIT-SECOND even when staring at one point on a fixed object. This is something that happens unconsciously. You have no control over it.

"It has been scientifically demonstrated that these tiny eye movements have to happen at the right speed and with the right coordination for you to have clear vision."

When you get stressed out, you lose the coordination in these movements and as a result, you get less than normal vision.

Stress can also disrupt the mind-eye connection and the brain's ability to interpret the image.

"The fact that stress can make your eyesight worse goes to show that your eyesight is a continually changing process – one that can be modified and improved by adopting the correct visual habits."

The reason your eyesight gradually gets worse over time is not just down to stress. If you have poor eyesight, it is very likely because you have developed poor eye habits. The WAY you use your eyes can actually make you lose the coordination in these tiny eye movements over time.

"It can also disrupt the connection between the eyes and the brain, and also the way the brain itself interprets the image."

Putting a pair of glasses in front of your eyes or using contact lenses is a quick-fix. It doesn't correct the underlying problem and it does not make your vision any better WITHOUT glasses. If anything, wearing corrective lenses makes your vision WORSE without glasses.

Because as soon as you start to wear glasses, your eyes no longer strive to correct the incoordination in their movements, and your brain no longer makes the effort to improve the interpretation of the image.

How Vision Therapy Exercises Work

Vision therapy exercises on the other hand, work by fixing the underlying problem. They involve relaxation techniques such as 'palming' and exercises such as 'switching and swinging', which actively improve the ability of your eyes to make perfectly coordinated movements for crystal clear vision.

The goal of every vision therapy exercises program is to change your visual habits, so your eyesight improvement continues even when you stop doing the exercises.

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  1. Now I'm very interest in eyesight improvement, (because my vision getting worse) so this article very informative to me. I never thought, that my eyesight influence stress and fatigue, but sometimes I feel, that I see much better. Thank You for article. 

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