How to Improve Your Vision Naturally without Expensive or Difficult Methods

When wondering how to improve your vision, you might sometimes overlook the obvious: the fact that you can't improve bad eyesight using standard treatments and methods that medical specialists would recommend.

How To Improve Your Vision

Eyeglasses and contact lenses generally do NOT improve your vision

In order to understand the reason behind this and to find some viable alternatives that actually work, we first have to look at some of the core causes of vision problems. Despite the fact that these issues are quite common, few people actually know what causes them, which can occasionally lead to serious complications.

The Causes of Vision Problems

It doesn't take a medical expert to understand the main causes of vision deterioration. The ability to focus your eyes is mainly controlled by an array of internal muscles. Under certain circumstances, these muscles lose their ability to function properly, so you gradually find it more difficult to focus.

Now, just as it is the case with any set of muscles, your eyes also need "exercise" in order to keep functioning. If they get used to sedentary habits, it is quite obvious that you will find it more difficult to use them for certain tasks.

In this regard, not only habits like reading and watching television or focusing on a computer screen for too long can be harmful for your eyes, but also the use of contact lenses or glasses. This is because, over time, your eyes tend to get used to wearing such aids, and the eye muscles get less and less exercise.

Your eyes need exercise just as much as your body does. Knowing the right exercises and how to treat your eyes is the secret to learning how to improve eye sight naturally.

Fortunately, the body is not just a complex machine, but a living organism. So, just as you can work out and strengthen your biceps or abdominal muscles, for example, there are also numerous ways to improve vision using various eye exercises. The change of some simple habits or the use of various diets can also be of great assistance in improving your eyesight naturally.

Why Most Mainstream Methods Don't Work

When most people try to figure out how to enhance their vision, they think of the most popular, and seemingly effective, methods: glasses, contact lenses or eye surgery. While they may show results quite quickly, however, none of these are actually helpful in the long run.

Wearing glasses or contact lenses is simply like putting a band aid over a rash, instead of treating the condition that caused it.

You may not see the symptoms of the problem anymore, but that doesn't mean that it has been solved. According to numerous experts, your eyesight will gradually deteriorate more and more because of the use of glasses, and not in spite of it!

Some may consider laser eye surgery to be a viable treatment when it comes to improving your vision. While the technology used for performing such a procedure is acceptably advanced, however, the procedure itself is risky and potentially dangerous, as well as expensive.

There have been many cases where patients needed their glasses again even within a few months after a successful operation. Moreover, there are also various possible side effects that can appear, such as seeing halos around lights, frequent eye infections or even the permanent loss of vision.

The Alternative – How To Improve Your Vision Naturally

When it comes to figuring out how to improve your vision in a simpler and more effective way, there are several alternatives that can be used. The only requirement is that you keep an open mind about them, as many of them actually work, despite the fact that not many people know about them.

One of the simplest ways to improve vision naturally is to take daily walks or perform regular workout or exercise sessions.

Studies show that people who take short walks of at least 40 minutes about 4 times a week have a lower intraocular pressure level.

Controlling your diet can also have a profound effect on your eyesight. Nutritional experts suggest that some foods that have a higher level of vitamin A, or various fatty acids, can help people improve their eyesight, and significantly reduce the development of various eye conditions. A healthy intake of spinach, fish or sweet potatoes, as well as the avoidance of greasy and sweet snacks, can be extremely healthy for your eyes.

Sweet potatoes contain more beta carotene than even carrots do. Beta carotene improves night vision and helps reduce light damage. It also protects against various common diseases like macular degeneration.

Also, many types of fruit are excellent antioxidants, and have been proven to reduce the likelihood of people developing age-related macular degeneration (or ARMD), which is said to be the main cause for blindness during old age.

Blueberries are considered to be some of the fruits that are richest in antioxidants, and it is said that mixing a cup of blueberries with a cup of yogurt for breakfast can be a great method of assisting the regeneration of one's eyesight in an easy and natural way.

Some simple habit changes can also go a long way in improving your vision. For example, if you lower the computer screen below your eye level, your eyes will close slightly while you are staring at it, causing lower fluid evaporation, and reducing the chances of developing dry eye syndrome.

Another way to avoid this same issue is to aim your car vents away from your eyes while you are driving. This may be very important, since, if untreated, dry eyes can lead to serious complications involving corneal abrasions or even blindness.

Other Ideas

As you can see, naturally improving your eyesight, and preventing further complications involving eye diseases is not only possible, but also quite easy. Unfortunately, many of these methods require time in order to show significant improvements, so you might still be stuck wearing glasses or contact lenses for a while.

It may, therefore, be important to know that, by taking certain precautions, you can still use these correction devices without having to worry about your eyesight deteriorating over time. The following eye exercises can be quite effective in this regard:

Blinking once every 3 or 4 seconds can be very helpful, especially if your eyes are used to blink less when concentrating on a computer screen.
Near and far focusing is also a good exercise for your eye muscles. If you read a lot, your eyes might be less used to changing their focus, so this simple exercise can work to keep them in shape.
Another great exercise is to move your focus in a pattern. "Drawing" the shape of an 8 with your imagination and following it with your eyes, for example, can enhance the mobility of your eye muscles, and reduce the chances of strains or aches.


Without a doubt, there are many other useful exercises and natural techniques that can help you get rid of the habit of using glasses, and enhance your eyesight in a natural manner. While not all of them are totally effective, it is still a good idea to keep an open mind.

A good place for you to get started on your journey to better eyesight, is to read my post on how I managed to improve my own eyesight in just a few weeks. You can find this post here.

Regardless of the methods you choose to try, of course, the fact is that allowing your eyesight to return to its natural state is indeed possible. The issue of how to improve your vision then may become a thing of the past, if you simply let go of the old fashioned ideas about vision deterioration that people have generally been led to believe in.

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