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Can Eye Exercises Really Help To Improve Your Eyesight?

Eye exercises either work or they don’t.

On one hand your optician – the expert in the field – will tell you that they definite don’t work, while on the other hand you’ve got airline pilots, elite athletes and Chinese monks who use eye exercises to improve vision all the time.

Airline pilots routinely use eye exercises to improve eyesight beyond 20/20

So will they work for YOU? Well in all honesty the only way to find out for sure is to do them and see what happens. I was a bit skeptical myself before I got started, but I really couldn’t get around without my glasses – so I bit the bullet and gave the exercises a go. They didn’t help much at first, but I found them so relaxing, that I carried on. And I’m so glad that I did because I noticed a big improvement over time and the best part is – I don’t need my glasses anymore.

Some friendly advice: whatever you decide to do, if you are having visual problems, make sure you go and see an optician or an eye doctor first. A deterioration of your eyesight could be a sign that something else is wrong in your body. You can use eye exercises to improve eyesight, but you really must not rely on them to repair a serious underlying medical condition.

How Do Eye Exercises Work?

Vision is bought about by a whole visual system that involves not just your eyes, but also your brain, mind, the muscles that surround and lie inside the eyes, and the nerves that connect your eyes to your brain. If you took someone’s eyes out, those eyes alone would no longer ‘see’ anything at all. If the poor guy was still alive, he would still be able to use his brain to ‘imagine’ visual images. So you could say that the brain plays a more important role than the eyes when it comes to vision. I like to think they are both equally important, but that’s just me.

Eye Exercises

Eye exercises improve eyesight by addressing the entire visual system, including the eyes, the optic nerve, the visual center in the brain and everything in between.

The magic of eye exercises in visual improvement is that they address the entire visual system – all of the components mentioned above. They improve the optical capacity of the eyes by strengthening your eye muscles and alleviating eye strain, which is essential for clear vision (more on this here). They improve the visual center in the brain and its ability to receive and process images. They also help to synchronize the sensory role of the eyes with the receptive and interpretive role of the brain.

Clear vision occurs when all of the components of the visual system are functioning well, and working in perfect synchronous harmony.

Practice Makes Perfect…

Many eye exercises – like ‘shifting’ –  are designed to simulate the kind of unconscious eye movements that occur in a good set of eyes with 20/20 vision. As you practice these eye exercises, your eyes will start to behave differently even when you are not doing the exercises.

It may be difficult to do these exercises at first, but as you continue to practice, your eyesight will improve and you will get better at doing the exercises as well. Over time you can quite easily get away with dedicating far less time to the exercises, and they’ll be so easy that doing the occasional eye exercise will just become a natural part of your life that you barely notice.

How Does Wearing Glasses And Contacts Affect Your Vision?

When you wear glasses or contacts, you are using an aid – a crutch – that unlike eye exercises, only addresses the optical capacity of the eyeball and ignores the rest of the visual system. Also unlike eye exercises, glasses and contacts do nothing to improve your eyes’ optical capacity and your ability to see well without them. Over time you grow more and more dependent, to the point where you can no longer get by without glasses or contact lenses.

Not only do corrective lenses not help to improve your eyesight, but they also play an active role in making your eyesight worse over time. Here’s why…

As I mentioned, lenses are like a crutch – something that gives your eyes’ optical capacity a helping hand while you have it on. Your vision may be clear while you have your glasses on – those good old spectacles might even give you perfect crystal-clear 20/20 vision. However…

Meanwhile, as you wear your glasses, your visual system no longer needs to put as much effort into the act of seeing – so it goes to sleep. It no longer needs to adjust the shape of your jelly lens as much, or use those external eye muscles to flatten/elongate your eyeball. It no longer needs to exact perfect control over those thousands of tiny invisible eye movements, which are so important in producing naturally clear vision.

Just like the prolonged use of crutches or a wheel-chair makes your legs go weak, so does the use of glasses or contacts make your eyes and visual system go weak. It’s for this reason that the vast majority of people who wear glasses, find themselves needing a stronger and stronger set of lenses over time.

Throwing Your Glasses Away!

Put your glasses down and start seeing the world through your eyes unaided. This is a highly recommended first step to improve your vision naturally. Don’t throw your glasses in the trash just yet – for now you’ll still need them for crossing the road, driving, operating machinery etc. The idea is to wear your glasses only when they are required for safety reasons – wear your glasses as little as possible without endangering yourself.

If you start doing eye exercises on a regular basis, you will find your natural vision improving very quickly. Over time, as so many others have done, you will be able to settle with weaker and weaker lens prescriptions, until you no longer need your glasses at all. Then your glasses may mingle with the trash.

Where To Learn About Eye Exercises That Improve Eyesight Naturally

Most eye exercises for better vision are very simple. You can read about an exercise in a few short minutes and make a start on your road to natural vision improvement right away. Take a look at the list of articles below, which give you all the detail and explanation you need to get started right away.